Sunday, September 7, 2008

Top o' the morning repairs - Colors

Got the colors in for this sketch. I'm trying to balance the "poppy" colors with the grungy atmospherics.
I was listening to the audiobook "Kluge" about how evolution has built the human brain in a not-so-perfect fashion, good stuff.

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underfoot said...

Looks good, yo! You're all Ladronn with the uber-rendering. The up-plane of her hat brim seems like it could be catching more light, since it's casting a shadow over her face. You might also try creeping more of that blue rimlight onto her side to pop her from the back even further. Because her uniform, the background wall and the floor are all similar in hue, she gets a bit lost when you squint at it from a distance. But coming from a guy who could never finish a piece to this level, hats off!