Monday, September 8, 2008

Chowdown - Pencils

These are the pencils (Done with the Prismacolor Col-Erase 20044 Blue) for my next sketch. The graphics in the upper left are tattoo designs for the characters. I learned a lesson about sketching on this one. I had an original sketch for this one that had some "zing" but I wanted to correct it with some life drawing, but it ended up killing some of the "zing" because the life drawing studies were done directly on the drawing. So, now for my next sketch I will try the method that some of the masters did (and probably a lot of other people, but new to me in my quest for "zing") :
1.) Do the original thumbnail to get the "zing" idea then..
2.) Do the life drawings and quick studies on a separate page then...
3.) Apply that new knowledge to a fresh sketch that has the life drawing info and the much sought after "zing" and melds them together in the context of the original composition.


Gimbal_Head said...

Nice work Isaac - tells a good little story, and invokes some thoughts.
I think you picked a good setting for the subject matter, since not many people seem to draw stuff like this for military subject matter.

Also, the two chicks seem to have different personalities from each other - one's just eating her food, the other looks finished, and is giving a coy look or something. Nice./-\

Kevin Bandt COnCepTs said...

hey just found your blog and thought it was pretty awesome.
i see ur in madison; im from whitewater.

cool to see another artist in the area. it sometimes feels like im the only one!