Tuesday, February 19, 2008


These are some concept sketches for a cool contest I've entered, Dominance War III.
Here is the write up I did for my character:

Name: Kierkeguard
Race: Human
Class: Clericon
Artifact Weapon: Two-handed long sword - Air/Lightning

Kierkeguard's home land unexpectedly became the host to a wormhole, sacked by invading metal creatures, and her birth family kidnapped. She was then saved and raised by an ancient-magical race that was dying out due to the fading effects of the "ultimate weapon". Due to their impending extinction they wanted to pass on their magical knowledge, so they entrusted Kierkeguard with their treasured heirloom(an Artifact sword). That heirloom was a holy object to them, but because of Kierkeguard's flesh and blood form, she is able to unlock it's vast Artifact powers. The ancient-magical race trained her as a Clericon, and before thier time was up, they entrusted her to noble nomads. So, Keirkeguard has issues and can become quite angsty!

She now serves as a type of uber-powerful combat medic. She typically flies up to a wounded ally, uses powerful hurricane strength winds to push enemies back, and has lighting attacks for defense, as she heals her teammates. Another of her signature moves is to use strong winds to pin an enemy up against a wall/ground while she uses a spell, from her artifact , to dramatically reduce their defense which enables her teammates to attack and decimate.

She travels with different war units, through various wormholes, as a combat healer and uses the expansive travel through different worlds to search for her original family, fight for her planet, and get revenge against the metal creatures!