Monday, March 2, 2009

Gen. John Gibraltar

This is my entry for the first mini challenge of Dominance War IV. The challenge was to create a war General and make a portrait of him/her.  Mine is the seasoned, Patton style, two star General John Gibraltar (Buckminster076 is my forum name and CGHUB is my forum team). The design on the center chest patch is the logo of team CGHUB that we had to incorporate into the image. We were also required to post works-in-progress in a thread before submitting the final, which helps me get more out of each stage of development.  This definitely was a fun little exercise.

I'm continuing to play with graphite rendering, in addition to clean line work, and streamlining the process.


DLam said...

Who's this Isaac BOwens dude?

Devavrat Mathur said...

WOW!great work!