Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kierkeguard - Part 2 - Full body thumbnails

Continuing to work on my character design entry to an online contest.

Starting to nail down some shapes I like with thumbnail sketches. Adding in some post-apocalptic gear to help the design not get stuck with a purely fantasy feel. I want there to be a bunch of utilitarian details in her armor/clothes while having an overall fun sword n' sorcery fantasy shape. Also playing with varied artifact weapons. Now I'm going to mix and match the different aspects I like, streamline the shapes to solidify her, and also focus on the facial characteristics.


underfoot said...

Shit, man. Which one're you going to do? Lots of options here...

Did you do, like, 3 to a sheet and shrinky-dink 'em onto this comp?

Looks like you're having a good time with this.

Mike Mitchell said...

well I know what Isaac did this weekend!

nice work man, theres some great options. Going to post on cgsociety?

Anonymous said...

See Here or Here